Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you offering your your shoots for such a great price?!

We have been established for over 20 years and have always believed in showing our clients what they are capable of – effectively putting our money where our mouth is! Most people love what we do and decide to invest in additional portraits but that decision cannot be made until you see just how good your family can look.

When do I see my photographs?

At the end of your session, we make a date for you to return for your Viewing. This is where you will see the best of what you have achieved, projected to 5ft across!! We start with a slide-show and then take you through each set so you can whittle the images down to your favourites, including your gift print. Whilst there is no obligation to purchase, be prepared to want more than just the one!

If I decide to have additional portraits, how much are they?

We offer framed photographs from £70 for a desk top portrait whilst Wall Art starts at £265. We will need a deposit to trigger your order at the time of your Viewing, with the balance paid when everything is ready a few weeks later. If you prefer to spread payment, an Interest Free Credit Plan is available.

How Should We Prepare Children & Babies?

As we all know, when children are tired, they are not at their most cooperative, so plan you portrait session for a time when they will be at their best, and bring favourite toys, games or books to keep them happy. You could possibly include these toys in the photos too.

As for making them smile, leave that to us. It is important that you don’t condition them beforehand.

What Should We Wear?

The clothes you choose for your portrait are very important. You should all wear something that you feel comfortable in and, most importantly, represents you as a family. Watch for anything that clashes with anyone else. Avoid very strong patterns or logos of any kind. Anything that might date the images.

Can We All Bring Our Favourite Possessions along?

Absolutely. It is the personal touches in a portrait that make the difference as they emphasise who you are.

Your hobbies, your sports or your shared interests can all provide a theme for a portrait. So discuss this with us and bring along some personal items which you think might help us to capture the essential character of you and your family.

A little planning will pay dividends and the end result will be beautiful images that you can treasure for years to come.

If There is Anything Else You Would Like to Know, Do Just Ask